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To those of you starting your business online — I believe in you. ✨

There's nothing more inspiring and amazing than someone who starts their own shit online — someone who beats their own path out of the wild bushes of the modern world, someone who recognizes what direction they want their life to go in and starts something of their own.

The people who are brave enough to start their own shit — especially online — are the some of people I respect most in the world.

But here's the hard part. It takes a lot of confidence, and ultimately a lot of know-how, to get that up and running.

  • “Wix? Squarespace? Custom? Which site builder should I be using??”
  • “How on earth do I build a shopping cart?”
  • “What the heck do I even sell?”
  • “Fonts, colors, website themes? I just want it to look professional.”

In my time — both in my many years as a professional designer and developer, and equally my time as a professional teacher and course designer — I've met dozens and dozens of people that are brave enough to get started, but just don't know the intricate ins-and-outs needed to make their site successful.

Amazing people, who have so much to offer the world, and brave enough to put themselves out there, who just need a nudge, a push of guidance to be sure their site, their offerings, their business model and their branding are on track.

Say hey to your new digital mentor. 👋

I'm Micah. I've been in the business of helping the smartest and most amazing nerds online for over 10 years — from starting my own design/development company just out of college, to changing the face of fonts on the internet by making the first ever open-source font foundry, to teaching and designing one of the top web development courses taught in 20 cities across 6 countries around the world. Not to mention single-handedly making more than a dozen custom designed and coded apps for a slew of customers and clients.

I've been approached by and built sites, apps, and internal tools for companies like The New York Times, General Assembly, Heroku, Mozilla, Stripe, Readmill, Trunk Club, Metalab, PRX, Librato, Ginkgo Bioworks, Openstudy, Citizen, and of course, The League of Moveable Type, plus more.

  • But even more important than that, I've been a supporter of new businesses, do-it-yourself-ers, and crazy ideas on the web for as long as I can remember.

    For a few years now, I've been helping a few clients, friends, and friends-of-friends figure out how to make their stuff online work. That means:

    • Taking the time to really understand what they want, what they care about, and the life they're trying to build with their business
    • Researching and figuring out which tools and systems we can use to make their work less stressful, less painful, more productive and more fun
    • Giving experienced advice on the important stuff — copywriting & voice/tone, visual design and aesthetics, branding and UX
    • Brainstorming together to come up with creative business models, inspiring them to take new approaches to how to make money and help people online
    • Breaking down what's working and what's not for whatever you have online now, based on years of figuring out exactly what will work for clients

    I help driven people who are starting new businesses, side hustles, and passion projects

    learn how to design their brand, build their website, and find their most compelling, genuine voice

    so they can get over their overthinking, get past the fears of starting, and get their business off the ground and onto the internet, as fast as possible.

    While my goal is to be there for you, helping you as you grow, working with you and guiding you over the whole life of your venture — we have to have a place to start, something that fits and gives us a solid basis.

    Plus, let's be honest, we have to make sure we're a good fit together.

    And everyone knows that age-old proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Ignoring that antiquated gender reference, the point is true as heck.

    We need a solid foundation to start. 💪

    So — you're starting a business online, I want to teach you a little bit about everything you need to know to get past those fears and get started:

    • 📝 Learn the 4 absolute simplest fundamentals of design, without being a professional designer — or having to spend an arm and leg hiring one
    • 🎨 Understand basics of design, color, and typography, including how to think about and decide what kind of branding you should be reaching for
    • ✍️ Learn to speak and write with your most genuine voice and tone, and how to bring your real personality into how you present yourself to the world
    • 📚 My unique and custom mental frameworks for:

      • the most essential structural elements to a great homepage that you might not even realize you've been missing
      • the 4 absolute simplest fundamentals of design
      • and the 3-point system of learning how to write persuasively
    • 🛠 Tools, apps, and services — both that exist already and that you can customize yourself — to help you spend less time working on tedious junk and more time focusing on your business

    And a whole lot more.

    I started working with Micah when I was launching my small meditation business, and his guidance was career changing.

    He was integral from beginning-to-end in setting up my website. I was lost in a sea of SquareSpace templates and he problem-solved every issue I had. He helped guide me to a font that was best suited for the voice of my brand and helped me find a color scheme that felt authentic to me and my business.

    His expert knowledge of how users think online was invaluable - because I listened to his suggestions, I have been able to turn website visits into paid clients.

    His support went way beyond website help - he also assisted me with my MailChimp newsletters and helped me come up with a footer that I now use throughout my business. He simplified how I was emailing my clients and showed me a simple way to effectively reach my clientele easier — which has saved me hours of time every time I email them.

    Having Micah as a digital mentor has alleviated all of my fears surrounding my online presence, which has resulted in me gaining more clients without working so hard. On top of all of that - you’ve got a friend in your corner every step of the way who is endlessly cheering you on and wants you to succeed.

    His help was exactly what I needed and I am just so grateful I gave myself the gift of working with him.

    Sara Silversteinhttp://www.sarasil.com
    Breathwork Healer & Solo Business Owner

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