Learn to code your own ideas, in 3 months.

I help you go from not knowing any code to building what you've been itching to make, with a Personalized Coding Roadmap to get you there.

Does this sound like you?

  • You're an entrepreneur, but you're at the mercy of your developers, and can't ever seem to get the idea that's in your head into their hands to build them right.
  • You're a designer, and you've dreamt up some amazing apps & ideas you wish you could make exist — but don't have anyone to code them, and can't make them yourself.
  • You're working on a team with a bunch of folks who are building what you've designed, but let's be honest — your voice is always second fiddle, and you don't exactly have control over the end product to make sure what you designed becomes reality.
  • And in any of these cases, there's money left on the table — you're either not making enough compared to your coding counterparts or it's costing you way too much to pay someone else to make your big ideas come to life.

You'd like to learn how to code yourself, but you don't know how to move forward.

You've probably gone down the rabbit hole of online courses, and Udemy, and Skillshare, and blogs. It's not like there's a shortage of super in-depth tutorials or people making it look easy online — it's just that once you start reading, you realize you don't understand what they're talking about, or the tech they're using, or you paste & pray 🙏, but hit some snag & have no clue why it didn't work.

Straight up — it's overwhelming learning to code yourself.

You know you can do it... if you just had someone to help guide you.

That's where I come in — I help you go from not knowing any code to building your own idea, in 3 months.

I'm Micah Rich, I'm gonna be your coding coach.

I'm self taught, so I understand the frustrations you've been feeling, and the overwhelming shortcomings of trying to learn all on your own.

But I also have 14 years experience at this point, working both as a freelancer and with some big name companies you probably know:

I also worked as the lead instructor at General Assembly in LA, teaching all manner of folks just like you how to get into coding, come up with ideas, and build 'em with all the modern tech.

But more than that — I literally wrote the handbook on how to teach code there. I spent months talking to all the coding teachers around the world, figuring out what the new tech was that everyone would have to learn to do well in the current industry, and teaching the teachers how to teach it.

If I can teach the teachers, I can definitely help you.

Okay, what's the process? 🤔

  1. Book your free personal session with me at a time that works for you. Use the button below & it'll set up a calendar event for us over Zoom, to make it easy.
  2. In our call, we assess what you already know & what you feel comfortable with, considering the technology you'll need to build your idea. We come up with a Personalized Roadmap based on best practices in the industry, taking you from HTML, CSS, and Modern JavaScript all the way to React, then Git, Github, Databases and Serverless APIs — so you'll know exactly what you need to actually build your idea in the next 3 months
  3. At the end of our session, you'll leave with your Personalized Roadmap — a recording so you can refer to what we talked about later, followed up with a list of helpful resources & links that'll save you a ton of time & send you in the right direction.

That way, you can either bridge the gap on your own with no obligation, or jump into learning together with me as your coach.

I'm ready, how we do we start?

What's my alternative to coaching with Micah?

💰 Cost⏱ Commitment👨‍🏫 Students to Teacher
Coaching with Micah ✨3 x $1,000/m48 hrs totalJust you + me
Bootcamp (e.g. General Assembly)$15,000480 hrs total~25 students to 1 teacher

You could join a bootcamp.

There are a handful of well-known bootcamps, like General Assembly (where I was instructor & developed the curriculum). It'll cost you $15,000, which will take 3 months of your time, full time – about 480 hours minimum — where you're also not working, making money.

But bootcamps aren't personalized, and cost a lot.

You'll get a standardized curriculum, not personalized to you. You'll be in a classroom with people from all levels, too, which means sometimes you'll go too fast, and sometimes you'll go way too slow for what you need. It'll be tough to get the teacher's attention, of course, competing with everyone else.

But you could learn to code with a little personal help.

Or, you and I meet once a week for 3 months. We'll customize your curriculum to be exactly what you need, based on what you know & want to build. You'll do assignments between our sessions to practice, and it'll only cost $1000/m for 3 months - aka 48 hrs, instead of a fulltime 480.

What's the commitment?

  • 👩‍🔧 Have an idea you want to build
  • 📈 Have a goal you want to achieve by learning to code
  • ⏰ Attend our 1 hour sessions each week for 3 months
  • 💪 Work on the assignments between sessions each week to practice

A few thoughts from past students, entrepreneurs & creatives:

I've tried teaching myself to code in the past, and it never stuck.

Micah's curriculum, though, was organized in a way that kept me engaged in every project, and each week we'd build on skills we've learned before, so I was always staying nimble and challenged.

By the end of my tutoring sessions with Micah, I felt empowered to code on my own and I use so many of the skills I learned in my own creative practice today.

Olivia Kane, Print Designer
Olivia Kane, Print Designer

I first met Micah when I was in my mid-thirties and looking for a boost in my technical understanding & a career change.

Micah was incredibly patient and helped me understand concepts before getting in the weeds to apply it. Micah's not someone to give you the answer (even when I begged) — instead, he'd patiently back-track until he found the disconnect and then would fill in the gap.

If you're lucky enough to get him as your teacher, you will not be disappointed. Micah is very dependable and a natural teacher with an extremely likable personality.

The man could teach a cat to bark.

Ran Craycraft, Partner @ Wildebeest
Ran Craycraft, Partner @ Wildebeest

I've had the pleasure of knowing Micah as a teacher & friend — he takes great pride in teaching & has an amazing ability to make convoluted concepts feel easy.

Make no mistake, Micah will surely help you level up inspire you, with ease. He has an uncanny way of making education both fun and retainable.

Kevin Ng, Partner @ Wildebeest
Kevin Ng, Partner @ Wildebeest

Frequently Asked Questions:

⭐️ Are there any obligations for the Personalized Roadmap?

No, there's no obligation.

Everyone's at a different point in their journey, and it's too important to figure out where you are now — I just want to help.

If you decide you want to take that roadmap and go learn it on your own, I'm gonna be cheering you on! If we work together, that's just as awesome.

I want to help as many entrepreneurs & creatives make their ideas reality, so I just ask that if you go on your own, you share how great an experience it was working with me to come up with your Personalized Roadmap. Everyone wins! ⚡️

⭐️ What's in the Personalized Roadmap?

That's the beauty of it — we start with what you know & move on from there.

  1. We'll make sure you're good with HTML & CSS first, plus terminal commands — that's fundamental to get you hacking.
  2. Then we can move on to programming with the most modern JavaScript.
  3. When that's good, we move to some fancy stuff (React) to help you start coding cool apps. There's tons to learn there, but fair warning — it can be extremely fun.
  4. And of course, in the middle, we'll make sure you're proficient with tools of the trade, so you'll learn Git & Github and how to deploy your sites live.
  5. We then weave in Databases & using + building Serverless APIs yourself, so you can start making some really advanced stuff & combining other data into your own.

But the magic is that we can stay flexible. If a topic isn't sticking, we'll revisit & find another way to do it. If you already know something, we can skip it & learn something else. If you're especially interested in a certain type of app to build or certain tech, we focus on that.

It's just you and me — we'll make it about whatever you need to learn to code.

⭐️ What's the schedule like?

We pick a day that works for you, and we meet once a week for an hour, occasionally a little more if we need it.

That's the sweet spot, where your attention can stay engaged as we learn new stuff without getting overwhelmed, you have enough time to both learn & practice, and you're not falling asleep from working too hard.

⭐️ How much does this cost & what's the commitment?

It's a flat $1000/month for 3 months, to work together one-on-one each week. We can get you where you need within 3 months, building ideas you're excited about and learning new tech while we do it. After that, if you want to keep going, we always can — but this way we've got a deadline and a goal to reach in those first 3 months.

⭐️ Can I do less than 3 months?

No. But here's why.

Three months isn't arbitrary; after teaching at bootcamps & designing the curriculum we'd tackle in a fulltime 3 month scenario, and then actually teaching dozens of capable human adults just like yourself that setup, I've discovered that a lot of that time isn't necessary for you to actually make progress, if we focus on the right stuff from the get-go.

We can fit in the right amount of new concepts, practice, and, most importantly, actual building of your ideas, piece by piece, at a pace that won't be overwhelming, and can show you how fun & easy coding can be, in 3 months.

That gives us about 12 concrete hours of new concepts, spread out at an even pace, plus about 2-3 hours of practice on your own time to uncover issues, questions, and make progress.

It's a good balance between new stuff + maintaining your current work load.

If you're ready to take action right now, and turn your ideas from imagination into reality — schedule a free roadmap session now.