micah rich@micahbrich
  • "Design scares me. I am definitely not a designer."
  • "Code also scares me. I am definitely not a programmer."
  • "I'm not even sure what should be on my website."
  • "How much money do I ask for? How do I take payments?"
  • "Fonts, colors, themes, I literally have no idea — how do I know what to pick?"
  • "How do I automate some of this stuff? Can I make the tedious parts take less time?"

Whether you're a company, already established and running or entirely solo, building your first venture onlineany business that's on the internet at this point lives in a world where getting the tech, experience, and branding right are just plain crucial.

Sometimes you need help. With a piece of it. Maybe even with all of it.

But it's awfully rare to find someone who's got the design chops to be a designer, the coding skills to code up entire online platforms, the writing skills to sell and the business & marketing experience to do it right.

I'm Micah. I've been in the business of helping the smartest and most amazing creative people online for over 10 years — from starting my own design/development company just out of college, to changing the face of fonts on the internet by making the first open-source font foundry, to teaching and redesigning one of the top web development courses taught in 20 cities + 6 countries around the world. Not to mention designing & developing branding, websites, and internal apps for dozens of customers & clients.

  • I've been approached by and built branding, websites, apps, and internal tools for companies like NBCUniversal, The New York Times, General Assembly, Heroku, Mozilla, Stripe, Readmill, Trunk Club, Metalab, PRX, Librato, Ginkgo Bioworks, Openstudy, Citizen, The League of Moveable Type, & many more.

    For a long time, I focused on being a one-man design & dev shop — starting with branding & developing websites for startups, and then exclusively designing & coding custom internal tools for a few of the companies you see above.

    For a while after that, I focused heavily on teaching design & code, and designing bootcamps & curriculum for both developers & designers.

    But more important than that, I've been a consultant and a partner to new businesses, DIY-ers, and crazy idea-makers for more than 10 years — and in all that time, I've been helping clients, friends, and total strangers figure out how to make their stuff online work. That means:

    • ⭐️ Helping you first understand what you want, what you care about, and the what you're trying to build with your business
    • 🛠 Researching and figuring out which tools and systems we can use to make work less stressful, less painful, more productive and more fun
    • 🎨 Giving experienced advice on the important stuff — genuine & functional copywriting, visual design and aesthetics, branding and UX
    • 🧠 Brainstorming together to come up with creative business models, motivating you to take new approaches on making money & helping people
    • 📝 Breaking down what's working and what's not for whatever you have online now, based on years of figuring out exactly what will work for clients

    “I started working with Micah when I was launching my small meditation business, and his guidance was career changing.

    He was integral from beginning-to-end in setting up my website. I was lost in a sea of SquareSpace templates and he problem-solved every issue I had. He helped guide me to a font that was best suited for the voice of my brand and helped me find a color scheme that felt authentic to me and my business.

    His expert knowledge of how users think online was invaluable - because I listened to his suggestions, I've been turning website visits into paid clients.

    His support went way beyond website help - he also assisted me with my MailChimp newsletters and helped me come up with a footer that I now use throughout my business. He simplified how I was emailing my clients and showed me a simple way to effectively reach my clientele easier — which has saved me hours of time every time I email them.

    Having Micah as a digital mentor has alleviated all of my fears surrounding my online presence, which has resulted in me gaining more clients without working so hard. On top of all that - you’ve got a friend in your corner every step of the way who is endlessly cheering you on and wants you to succeed.

    His help was exactly what I needed and I am just so grateful I gave myself the gift of working with him.”

    Sara Silversteinhttp://www.sarasil.com
    Breathwork Healer & Solo Business Owner

    Generally my work with new clients starts with consulting — setting up a free intro phone call to get to know you and your business ideas before jumping into anything committed or serious.

    That way, we can figure out where in the intersection of design, dev, and business I can be the most help. So if you're interested in chatting, let's set up a call and meet! ✨