I started working with Micah when I was launching my meditation business, and his guidance was career changing.

He was integral from beginning-to-end in setting up my website. I was lost in a sea of Squarespace templates and he problem-solved every issue I had. He helped guide me to a font that was best suited for the voice of my brand and helped me find a color scheme that felt authentic to me and my business.

His expert knowledge of how users think online was invaluable - because I listened to his suggestions, I've been turning website visits into paid clients.

I am now years into running my business and I still heavily lean on Micah as a personal sounding board. He has helped me with workshop options, content creation and how to make things beautiful. He gave me one simple suggestion and with that help I am making an additional $1,000/month more with absolute ease.

His support went way beyond website help - he also assisted me with my MailChimp newsletters and helped me come up with a footer that I now use throughout my business. He simplified how I was emailing my clients and showed me a simple way to effectively reach my clientele easier — which has saved me hours of time every time I email them.

Having Micah as a digital mentor has alleviated all of my fears surrounding my online presence , which has resulted in me gaining more clients without working so hard. On top of all that - you’ve got a friend in your corner every step of the way who is endlessly cheering you on and wants you to succeed.

His help was exactly what I needed and I am just so grateful I gave myself the gift of working with him.

Sara SilversteinInt'l Breathwork Guide

Solo business peeps online have it super tough at this point.

It's not just getting your business going — you have to get the tech set up, the experience right, and the brand & design on point, before you can really even really start to see some success.

And that's all before you start doing the actual client work.

You need to make sure clients are finding you, getting interested, flowing through a system that guides them to show them what you can do, and build trust while you do it.

But you're not a designer. You're not a programmer. You probably didn't study business before launching this wonderful practice of yours.

What you're great at is helping people with what you know, but how are you supposed to be good at... literally every single complicated piece of making your business thrive? 🤯

Sometimes you need help.

But it's hard to find someone who's got the design chops to help you make it look amazing, the coding skills to make all the crazy tools work together, and the writing skills to help you get in the mind of your audience to turn 'em into clients.

Some Past Clients I've Gotten to Work With:

For a long time, I focused on being a one-man design & dev shop — starting with branding & coding websites for startups, and then exclusively designing & coding custom apps for a few of the companies you see above.

For a bit after that, I focused on teaching both design & code to total beginners, and designing bootcamps & curriculum for both developers & designers.

But more important than that, I've been a consultant for the last 15 years, a solo business owner myself, and a partner to help my friends & clients get started on the right foot — just like my pal Sara up above.

I want to help you, too.

That means:

  • 🎨 Giving you experienced advice on the important stuff — authentic & real copywriting, beautiful visual design, branding & aesthetics, and designing experiences to make sure the right people flow into the right places
  • 🧠 Brainstorming together to come up with creative business models, motivating you to take new approaches on making money & helping people
  • ⭐️ Helping you first understand what you want & what you care about, and how to get there — so we can build a business you really love
  • 🛠 Researching and figuring out which tools and systems we can use to make your work less stressful, less painful, more productive and more fun
  • 📝 Breaking down what's working and what's not working for whatever you have now, based on years of experimenting, learning, and research

What's the process?

First, we get into the weeds. We set up a free session, just to talk — to really talk.

  1. We talk through your business now, where you want to be in the next 3 months, and what you're struggling with on your own.

  2. We talk details about what you offer, which parts you love, which parts you make or are losing money on. It's funny, but a lot of us get so caught up in the weeds of providing products and services for other people, we sometimes don't realize that some of them aren't the right fit for what we want to accomplish.

  3. Finally, we go over the details of how to get where you want to go. That includes helping you come up with copywriting, advice to adjust your branding & website, and most importantly — how to start thinking about your customers, find your unique value, and create a way to guide people through a whole process to work with you.

You'll get a recording of our free session, so you can refer back to any useful things we come up with, any advice that comes out of talking one-on-one.

You can choose to use that to go out and make real progress on your own. Zero obligation. I'll be cheering you on. 💪

If you decide you want to work together, then it's straightforward; it's $1000/month, and we'll meet every week for 3 months — to get you and your business exactly where you want to go.

You'll get recordings of all our sessions, plus the freedom to utilize me when you need to — business strategy & design advice, technical knowledge, automation ideas, whatever we need to will help you make progress.

The first intro session is free, and no obligation to work together at all. So if you're curious about whether having a personal guide & mentor for your business could help you, then let's talk.

Let's setup a free intro session for you.

We can look at your existing stuff, talk about your business goals & what you feel is holding you back. Then we'll see what might be a good fit for you, no commitment.