It's awfully rare to find someone who's got the visual chops to be a designer, the coding skills to code up entire online platforms, the writing skills to sell and the business & marketing experience to do it right.

I'm Micah.

I've been in the business of helping the smartest and most amazing creative people online for over 10 years — from starting my own design/development company just out of college, to changing the face of fonts on the internet by making the first open-source font foundry, to teaching and redesigning one of the top web development courses taught in 20 cities + 6 countries around the world.

Not to mention designing & developing branding, websites, and internal apps for dozens of customers & clients.

A few past clients

I've been approached by and worked with companies like Google, Adobe, NBCUniversal, The Wall Street Journal, General Assembly, Heroku, Mozilla, Stripe, Readmill, Trunk Club, Metalab, PRX, Librato, Ginkgo Bioworks, Openstudy, Citizen, TypeThursday, The League of Moveable Type, & many more.

For a long time, I focused on being a one-man design & dev shop — starting with branding & developing websites for startups, and then exclusively designing & coding custom internal tools for a few of the companies you see above.

But since then, I've focused heavily on teaching design & code — designing bootcamps, curriculum, and one-on-one programs for designers (and non-designers) to go from nothing to developer having the most fun possible.